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The 7 best back exercises with the Theraband

Cost-effective, super handy, versatile… the Theraband is simply the best choice for healthy, safe training at home. Strength develops dynamically in all movements against the resistance of the Therabands: the more you stretch it, the greater...

3 simple exercises to help you get in shape at home

One thing should be clear: it won’t be easy to motivate yourself. To do this, you have to overcome your inner temptations, but don’t lose hope, because it’s quite easy to lose weight and define muscle if you pay attention to the...

Springseil auf dem Fußboden für Cardio Training Zuhause

The 6 best cardio exercises to do at home

You don’t have to go jogging in all types of weather for endurance training. Julia will show you the best cardio exercises to do at home. If you think your endurance can only be exercised on the treadmill or in the wild, you couldn’t be...

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